Subject: Re: Sample contracts for sponsored development?
From: "Joseph Coffland" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 11:25:36 -0400

> On the other hand, the
> sponsor would like to give us source code for a widget lib that
> implements the _corporate_identity_ aspects of their GUIs which
> they need to have working on the DotGNU platform.  While there
> apparantly aren't any real business secrets in this source code,
> clearly they want to keep it proprietary.  In particular, this
> source code should not be affected by the disclaimer of copyright
> interest, and the contract should say something about this source
> code being handled reasonably carefully to prevent it e.g. from
> showing upon any publicly accessible ftp server or http server,
> and to prevent any copy-and-paste from this proprietary code into
> code which is supposed to be Free Software.

May I suggest that you offer to do this small proprietary job for free
out side of your normal contract.   Or if you must get paid for it
under a separate short term contract.  You are running a big risk by 
polluting your contract with exceptions.  What happens when down
the road your company says, "Oh yeah, we would like this code to
be proprietary too."  Make a clear distinction between the two.

Joseph Coffland
  Joseph Coffland