Subject: Tim's Architecture of Participation
From: "Matt Asay" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 04:52:29 -0600

Just an added datapoint on the open source vs. open distribution idea,
and how it plays into Tim's 'infoware' idea.

Microsoft just announced "Express" versions of SQL Server and Visual
Studio/C#/Web Developer.  (See,+02:00+AM)

The question, then, is whether "free" as in cost (Microsoft's Express
SQL Server) will trump free as in source (and cost, unless you want
support or a commercial license) MySQL.  My hunch is "no," but I'm not
yet able to articulate why....


Some detail follows:

SQL Server Express Edition
    SQL Server Express Edition helps developers build reliable
applications by providing a freely redistributable, easy-to-use and
database. It includes the rich functionality included in the SQL Server
database engine, such as stored procedures, views, triggers, cursors,
Language Runtime (CLR) support and Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Building on the success of the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine
Server Express Edition will be available for download at no cost to
users. In
addition, SQL Server Express Edition provides an embedded database that
enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to embed a lightweight,
effective database into applications.