Subject: Urgent/price increase Friday/We want to invest in/buy / your invention/ patent/patent pending !
From: "scott allen sales" <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 12:08:10 -0700 (PDT)

pres. please/Price increase Friday !!!!

We have a list of investors who invest in/
buy businesses/patents/patent pending/inventions !!


1.   Money NEVER has to be paid back to investors
no matter what happens.

2.  It is never based on your personal credit.

3.  They never charge a fee.

4. If you are only seeking a business loan and
not investors , up to a 2 year grace period
before payments begin.

5. Decisions in 1 to 3 weeks.

Totally Confidential !!!

   We have a list of 3117+ very active investors/buyers .
You'll find each contact on our list has ALREADY
invested in/bought 2 or more  businesses/patents/
patent pendings/inventions !!!
in the last 27 months.
  That makes " all the difference " in getting
quickly.  These investors buyers have their check books
out and are investing in/buying businesses weekly.
   Our investors/buyers list costs $55.00.  All contact
on investors/buyers included along with their " private
e-mails "
so you can contact all of them in a matter of minutes.....
They want you to use these e-mails.  They are actively seeking
business proposals.
(One of the files we send you is set up to transmit your
business info to these contacts quickly.)
They are expecting you to e-mail them your business proposals.

Samples below.

Ellen Hill

Scott Allen Sales
4511 Comly Street
Phila, Pa. 19135 U.S.A.

Quick action by investors/buyers if needed !!

Call us right now and get that business/patent/patent
pending/invention invested in/sold !!!

Our literature below................


Your sample list is attached..............BUT

DO or contact any of the
investor/buyers contacts on
this list without calling us first. This means
by phone , e-mail or fax.

Ellen Hill ...................CALL 215-744-1035


Your file is below of the first 277 investor/buyers
of a total of more the 3117 on the complete list.

We have foreigners/Americans who want to invest in /buy
businesses.  Speak to them right now !!! calls only..............NO

Finance/buyout businesses/properties.
can be on your desk in 10 minutes.

With phone numbers, fax numbers and emails ready
to go...........

List costs $55.00 if you decide to buy after inspection
or our sample list attached to this e-mail .

Our list includes the most ready to invest/buy
private investors/buyers, and professional investor/buyers .
and just plain individuals seeking to invest/buy .
Difficult situations handled all the time !!


1. This is a sample list of 277 persons and
organizations worldwide seeking to
invest/buy  businesses/properties.
NONE charges any type of fee. They want you to
contact them.
The total list when you buy is over 3117

2. Our lists include phone numbers,fax numbers,
and emails.
We have been in the business 7 years.
Emailing these names on our list your
business/properties description works best. And it's free.

3. Our list costs $55.00.

4. When you decide to buy,
you will call us back for our company info
on how to purchase our list.

This of course is After you
call and check out the names on our list
as thoroughly as you care to ,
but BEFORE you email or fax your business/property profile
to these
persons seeking to buy or finance/buy your


1. Call anybody on our list. ( BUT don't fax
or email them your business/property description)
Thoroughly satisfy yourself the list
is everything we say it is.
We want you to pay for the calls to these people
to show that you are as "real as we are ".
DON"T FAX or EMAIL any business/property description until
decide to buy our list. Do call all you want.

2. If you decide to buy our list
call us and we will email you instructions
how to purchase our list.

We have been in the business 7 years and know many
people on the list.
As is customary the list is also seeded to prevent
misuse and

Phone calls only...............

Ellen Hill

Scott Allen Export Sales
4511 Comly Street
Philadelphia, Pa

Complete list over 3117 investors/buyers with their private
e-mails included for easy contacting.
This list is seeded to prevent abuse.........

Sample list of 277 investor/buyers below........

Below is your attachment already open of 277 samples.
Follow the contact rules above .  Phone calls only,
no actual proposals until you purchase the list.
Total list is 3117 + contacts ALL WITH E-MAILS
COMPLETE LIST................

  Expect changes of two to four percent on this list
as money is invested, businesses are purchased and
investing is completed.  YOU WANT THIS !!!!
It shows money is rapidly being spent.
Naturally we update lists weekly so the number
does not go higher.  This is necessary because
contact info and names and private e-mails often change
as well.  We are right on top of it !!!
Satisfy yourself this is the hottest finance
and business buyout list around. Telephone to
whomever you want to. BE TOTALLY SATISFIED
BEFORE YOU BUY. But don't email or fax them.
as these buyout and finance people require.
AFTER you buy this list for $55.00
Write your business description
(keep it short)and email
your business description
FOR FREE to plenty of the names on this
great list.
Then watch the phone ring.

The venture capital guys on this list are
extremely hot right now.
Twenty Seven percent of the names on this
list are venture capital players.
They MUST invest in and or buy businesses
to justify their own jobs to their investors.
They invest and buyout all size businesses
and all type businesses. Many (but not
all) as a free courtesty circulate
your business description free
to their vast associate network: sometimes
in the thousands.
Location of your business is totally
unimportant to their interest in buyout
or investment.
Many venture capital guys NEVER TURN
DOWN A DEAL. Many just get on the internet
and email your business description to all
the associates they work with over the
years that are more open at the moment to
make the deal. Again this can be in the
thousands. There are endless ways
to structure and approach business
deals to get them done. The people
they refer you to may skin the cat
different ways. You'll reach many
by circulating your business
description useing this list.
Many of these venture capital guys just
take the perspective "one hand washes the
other ". They forward your name to the next
more suitable finance person and that person
will return the favor and refer businesses to them.

As is customary in the business this list
is seeded to prevent misuse and resale.
And of course after seven years in the
business we know many persons on the list.
If you break the rules we will find out about
it and mass fax them what you did and tell
them not to deal with you.
It's not worth it.
We have been in the business 7 years.
No matter how anxious a buyer/investor seems
to finance or buy your business,
always email to many persons on our list
to put yourself in the drivers seat to make the best
Let them chase you.

Scott Allen Sales
Ellen Hill

This is a read-only file. The list when you
purchase it comes in a PERFECT FORMAT...
The complete list when you purchase it comes with all
the e-mails visible and ready to transmit
Not like the list below.
The list below is seeded to prevent abuse....

When you purchase the list use the e-mails.
It's easiest and works best.

The list below is seeded to prevent abuse....

Partial sample list.............

Urgent: expect a 2 percent change in list every week.  List
comes with 1 year free updates when you purchase list.
List comes with private e-mails for each investor/buyer
when you purchase list.  Investors/buyers expect you
to contact them via e-mail when you purchase the list.
They are actively soliciting business proposals.

  Mr. Steve  Jones  Chair  Atlantis Group, LLC 2530 Meridian
Parkway 2nd Floor Durham NC 27713 United States 919-806-4340
919-806-4739 2337 Angel Investor US$6
   Mr. Marcel A. Giacometti  President Auda
Advisor Associates, LLC 745 Fifth Avenue Suite 2900 New York
NY 10151 United States 212-863-2300 212-593-2974 1989 Private

Equity Investment Firm US$1300 million
   Mr. Kevin P. Magid  Managing Director  Audax Mezzanine 280
Park Avenue 20th Floor New York NY 10017 United States
212-703-2700 212-703-2799 1999 Private Investment Firm
   Mr. Steven F. Kaplan  Managing Director  Audax Private
Equity 101 Huntington Avenue  Boston MA 02199 United States
617-859-1500 617-859-1600 1999 Private Equity Investment Firm

US$35 million
   Mr. Robert N. Cowin  General Partner Audubon Capital 1100 Poydras
Street Suite 2337 New Orleans  LA 70163 United States
504-585-7730 504-585-7731 1999 investor/buyer US$50
   Mr. Gerald L. Parsky  Chairman  Aurora Capital Group 10877
Wilshire Boulevard Suite 2100 Los Angeles CA 90024 United
States 310-551-0101 310-277-5591 1991 Private Equity Investment Firm
US$1000 million
   Mrs. Dominique  Senequier  CEO Axa Private Equity 20,
place Vendôme 3rd Floor Paris  F-75001 France 33-1-4445-7000
33-1-4445-9303 1997 Private Equity
Investment Firm 40 million
   Mr. Ray  Ingleby  Executive Chairman  Axiomlab plc 26
Curzon Street  London  W1J 7TQ United Kingdom 44-870-909-6333

2337 investor/buyer£18 million
   Mr. Javier Rodríguez  Segovia  President and CEO  AXIS
Participaciones Empresariales SGECR, S.A. C/Prim, 19-3°
Madrid  E-28004 Spain 34-91-523-1654 34-91-532-1933 1986
Government-owned €90.15 million
   Mr. John  Richardson  President and CEO B.E.S.T. Investment Counsel
65 Queen Street West Suite 501 Toronto Ontario M5H 2M5 Canada
416-203-7331 416-203-6630 1995 Private Equity Investment Firm

C$80 million
   Mr. Paul S. Bachow  Senior Managing Director Bachow & Associates, Inc. Three Bala
Plaza East 5th Floor Bala Cynwyd PA 23374-3493 United States
610-660-4900 610-660-4930 1985 Private Equity Investment Firm
US$200 million
   Mr. Hafiz  Arief  President Director  Bahana Artha
Ventura, PT Niaga Tower, Lt. M Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 58
Jakarta  12190 Indonesia 62-21-250-5270 62-21-250-5275   1993
   Mr. Jarmo  Rautiainen  Managing Partner BaltCap Management Ltd.
Kauppiaankatu 6 C 38  Helsinki  FIN-00100 Finland
358-20-198-5661 358-20-198-5665
1995 Private Equity Investment Firm €90 million
   Mr. Jacques  Gliksberg  Managing Partner Banc of America Equity Partners -
Latin America 231 South LaSalle Street  Chicago IL 60607
United States 312-828-5989 312-828-2612
1981 Private Equity Investment Firm US$350 million
   Mr. Raymond E. Glasnapp  President  Bankers Capital
Corporation 3100 Gillham Road  Kansas City MO 64109 United
States 816-531-1600 816-531-1334  1975

investor/buyer US$2 million
   Mr. Gordon  Watters  Director Barclays Leveraged Finance

3rd Floor, 54 Lombard Street  London  EC3P 3AH United Kingdom
44-20-7699-3186 44-20-7699-2770   Private Investment Firm
   Mr. Graeme  White  Managing Director and Head of Private
Equity Barclays Private Equity
Ltd. 5 The North Colonnade, 8th Floor Canary Wharf London  E14

4BB United Kingdom 44-20-7512-9900 44-20-7773-4805 1979
Private Equity Investment Firm £1650 million
   Mr. Kenneth  Cheong  Principal Baring Private Equity
Partners Asia Ltd. 50 Raffles Place #34-03, Singapore Land
Tower   048623 Singapore 65-6232-6319 65-6532-0555 1984 Private
Equity Investment Firm US$500 million
Mr. Cary  Musech  Managing Director Bayview Capital Management, LLC
641 East Lake Street Suite 230 Wayzata MN 55391 United States
952-345-2337 952-345-2001 1998 Private Equity Investment Firm

US$75 million
   Mr. David  Townsend  Managing Partner BB&T Capital Partners, LLC 200
West Second Street 4th Floor Winston-Salem NC 27101 United
States 336-733-2420 336-733-2419 1997 investor/buyer
US$100 million
   Mr. John  Burgess  Director  BC Partners Ltd. 43-45
Portman Square  London  W1H 6DA United Kingdom 44-20-7009-4800

44-20-7009-4899 1986 Private Equity Investment Firm

€5800 million
   Mr. Luis  Feria  Adminstrator  BCP Capital S.A. Av. José
Malhoa, 1686  Lisbon  P-1070-157 Portugal 351-21-721-8421
351-21-721-8308    investor/buyer €40 million
   Mr. John D. Howard  Principal and Head of Merchant Banking Bear Stearns Merchant Banking 383
Madison Avenue  New York NY 10179 United States 212-272-7725
212-272-7425 Investment Banking
Firm US$1500 million
   Mr. John  Hung  President  Bentley Capital 592 Vallejo
Street Suite #2 San Francisco CA 94133 United States
415-362-2868 415-398-8209  1987
   Mr. Willem C. Kamps  Director
Berk Partners Koningin Wilhelminalaan 37  Amersfoort  NL-3818
HN Netherlands 31-33-472-2555 31-33-472-1414 1990
   Mr. Berthold  Bonanni  Managing Director Beteiligungsgesellschaft für die
deutsche Wirtschaft mbH Bleichstrasse 2-4  Frankfurt am Main
D-60329 Germany 49-69-273-009-0 49-69-273-009190 1969
investor/buyer €330
   Mr. David S. Blitzer  Senior Managing Director  Blackstone
Group 345 Park Avenue  New York NY 10154 United States
212-583-5000 212-583-5712 1987 Private Equity Investment Firm

US$14000 million
   Mr. Steven R. Green  Managing Partner Blackwater Capital Group,
L.L.C. 1800 Glenview Road  Glenview IL 60025 United States
847-729-2298 1998 Private Equity
Investment Firm
   Mr. Klaus Michael  Höltershinken  Managing Director BLB Equity Management
GmbH Promenadenplatz 1  Munich  D-80333 Germany
49-89-5525-63-0 49-89-5525-6390 Private Equity Investment Firm
   Mr. Robert  Taylor  Managing Director  Blue Capital
Management, L.L.C. 152 West 57th Street 11th Floor New York NY

10019 United States 212-956-0500 212-245-6520 1997
Private Equity Investment Firm US$112 million
   Mr. David  Given  Managing Partner Blue Point Capital Partners
127 Public Square Suite 5100 Cleveland OH 44114-1312 United
States 216-535-4700 216-535-4701 1990 Private Equity
Investment Firm US$500 million
   Mr. Paul  Schock  General Partner Bluestem Capital Co. 122
South Phillips Avenue Suite 300 Sioux Falls SD 57104 United
States 605-331-0091 605-334-1218

1998 investor/buyer US$150 million
   Mr. Tim A. Bowman  Executive Managing Director  BMO Equity
Partners 1 First Canadian Place P.O. Box 150 Toronto Ontario
M5X 1H3 Canada 416-359-6464 416-359-4411 1996 Private Equity
Investment Firm C$600 million
   Mr. Franck  Boget  President of the Management Board BNP Private Equity 32
boulevard Haussmann  Paris  F-75009 France 33-1-4014-8600
33-1-4014-6900  1969
investor/buyer €1200 million
   Mr. Steven M. Dauphin  Principal Bonaventure Capital, LLC

820 Shades Creek Parkway Suite 3100 Birmingham AL 35209 United

States 205-870-8050 205-870-8052 1998 investor/buyer
   Mr. Rômulo  de Mello Dias  Director Bradespar S.A. Av. Brigadeiro Faria

Lima 3064 - 6º andar, Itaim Bibi São Paulo SP 01451-000 Brazil

55-11-3049-3900 55-11-3049-3935 2337 investor/buyer
   Mr. Robert J. Simon  Senior Managing Director Bradford Equities
Management, L.L.C. 360 Hamilton Avenue  White Plains NY 10601
United States 914-922-7171 914-922-7172 1974 Private Equity
Investment Firm US$200 million
   Mr. John  Gnodde  Director Brait
Capital Partners Ltd. 9 Fricker Road Illovo Boulevard Illovo
Sandton  South Africa 27-11-507-1000 27-11-507-1001 1991 Private
Equity Investment Firm US$500 million
   Mr. Robert P. Pinkas  Managing General Partner  Brantley
Partners, L.P. 3201 Enterprise Parkway Suite 350 Beachwood OH
44122 United States 216-464-8400 216-464-8405

1987 Private Equity Investment Firm US$300 million
   Mr. William M. Barnum Jr. General Partner Brentwood Associates 11150 Santa
Monica Boulevard Suite 1200 Los Angeles CA 90025 United States

310-477-6611 310-477-1011 1972 Private Equity Investment Firm
US$800 million
   Mr. Michael  Boyd  Managing Partner Bridge Fund Suite 760, 141
Adelaide Street West  Toronto Ontario M5H 3L5 Canada
416-867-8070 416-367-3895 2002 Private Investment Firm C$26
   Mr. Benoît  Bassi  Managing Director Bridgepoint Capital 9 rue de
Phalsbourg Cédex 17 Paris  F-75017 France 33-1-4429-2100
33-1-4429-2110 1969 Private Equity
Investment Firm €3000 million
   Mr. David  Shaw  Chairman
Bridgepoint Capital Ltd. 101 Finsbury Pavement  London  EC2A
1EJ United Kingdom 44-20-7374-3500 44-20-7374-3600 1969 Private Equity
Investment Firm €4000 million
   Mr. Philip  Newborough  Managing Director  Bridges
Community Ventures Ltd. 1 Craven Hill  London  W2 3EN United
Kingdom 44-20-7262-5566 44-20-7262-6389
2002 investor/buyer £40 million
   Mr. Gerald H. Houghton  President  Brooks, Houghton &
Company, Inc. 444 Madison Avenue 25th Floor New York NY 10022
United States 212-753-1991 212-753-7730
1989 Investment Banking Firm
   Mr. Michael E. Gibbons  Senior Managing Director and
Principal Brown, Gibbons, Lang & Co.,

L.P. 1111 Superior Avenue Suite 900 Cleveland OH 44114 United
States 216-241-2800 216-241-7417 1989 Investment Banking Firm
   Mr. Robert W. Bruml  President
Bruml Capital Corporation 1801 East Ninth Street Suite 720
Cleveland OH 44114 United States 216-771-6660 216-771-6673 1986
Private Equity Investment Firm US$15 million
   Mr. Hendrik J. Hartong Jr. General Partner Brynwood Partners Two Sound
View Drive  Greenwich CT 06830 United States 203-622-1790
203-622-0559 1984 Private Equity
Investment Firm
   Mr. Jo'  Schwenke  Managing Director Business Partners Ltd.
P.O. Box 7780  Johannesburg  2337 South Africa 27-11-480-8700
27-11-642-2791 1980 Private Equity
Investment Firm
   Mr. William  Cella  CEO  C & C Vencap Corporation 11000
Prosperity Farms Road Suite 204 Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410
United States 561-776-0277 561-776-9838 1985

investor/buyer US$10 million
   Mr. Edward S. Croft III Managing Director C&B Capital, L.P. 4200 Northside

Parkway, N.W. Building One, Suite 100 Atlanta GA 30327 United
States 404-841-3131 404-841-3135
1996 Private Equity Investment Firm US$19 million
   Mr. William T. Donovan  President and CEO C2, Inc. 700 N. Water Street Suite
1200 Milwaukee WI 53202 United States 414-291-9000
1999 investor/buyerUS$100 million

Complete list over 3117 investors/buyers with their private
e-mails included for easy contacting.
This sample list is seeded to prevent abuse.........

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