Subject: Re: Examples needed against Soft Patents
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 20:43:27 +0900

>>>>> "Russell" == Russell McOrmond <> writes:

    Russell> Just because you believe the world is flat does not give
    Russell> you the right to impose your belief systems on me via
    Russell> state intervention (including state violence if I can not
    Russell> abide by your belief system).

Who's imposing belief systems?  I'm simply asking you to start
phrasing things in terms that those with open minds (or already closed
in the other direction) might find persuasive, as the terms you are
currently using have the reverse effect, in my opinion.  Which should
matter to you; see below.

    >> Alternatively you could convince a high enough court to reverse
    >> the "judicial legislation" that forced the PTO to start
    >> granting these patents.

    Russell>   I live in Canada where there was no judicial precedent
    Russell> that created software patents.

I see.  So you're calling me a "flat-earther" because your government
has the courage to stand up to the US over Iraq but not software
patents?  That's not my problem at all!  Convincing me won't help a
bit, although I suppose screaming insults does help relieve the

    Russell> It requires parliaments following the advice of
    Russell> economists to fix this harmful policy.

Uh, you do know what I do for a living?  ;-)

    Russell> Trying to get economists, policy makers and
    Russell> parliamentarians to weigh in on this issue is exactly
    Russell> what I am trying to do.

Well, you've got an economist, and he's telling you that your rhetoric
is counterproductive to that goal.

    Russell> I happen to fundamentally disagree with you as to who is
    Russell> shooting FLOSS advocacy in the foot.  As I read your
    Russell> messages I am not always convinced you are a FLOSS
    Russell> advocate,

But of course, I'm not a single-issue advocate.  I advocate freedom
and empowerment in general.  FLOSS advocacy is a tool to that end.

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