Subject: Re: Request for comments
From: Mikko Valimaki <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 13:32:22 +0200


I wrote some two years back a more academic article on dual licensing. 
It's available on my website - you might find 
it helpful. I collected for example some data from SleepyCat, TrollTech 
& MySQL at that time.

I can mostly agree with your idea that dual licensing is against the 
"true" spirit of open source if you mean by "true" open source the 
hacker side of the phenomena. But if you look at the whole software 
industry and how venture capitalists etc see open source, then one might 
argue that these dual licensors are exactly what open source is going to 
be - just another strategic tool for any software firm. And on the other 
hand e.g. MySQL and SleepyCat started as "true" open source. Their 
developers first gave the products for free to the internet community 
and made money from e.g. daytime jobs, selling traditional services etc. 
Only later when their products became so popular did they "invent" the 
dual licensing model.


> Hi all -
> I'm about to publish a paper on my site on the subject of 
> dual-licensing: "The Economics of Commercial Open Source". This article 
> is the second in a series and follows up my "The Open Source Monopoly" 
> paper. If anyone has a minute, I'd appreciate any comments you might 
> have before official publication. You might not agree with my 
> conclusions regarding the dangers to open source, but please let me know 
> if you find any technical inaccuracies or flagrant misrepresentations. 
> Since this subject is so inflammatory (but also so crucial to the entire 
> open source movement), I'd like to get my facts as straight as I can. 
> Email me off-list if you prefer.
> The link is:
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Lajos Moczar
> President
> Galatea IS Inc.