Subject: Re: gdb
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 24 Dec 1997 19:28:30 -0000

Brian Bartholomew writes:
 > > Probability of getting a particular problem fixed:
 > >	Proprietary - unknown
 > >	Freed - certain
 > Disproof: my girlfriend was using my laptop yesterday and today and
 > somehow she locked up the keyboard under X on linux.  The mouse worked
 > but the keyboard did not.  These same symptoms happened twice in a
 > row, and they have never happened to me.  I conclude that she is
 > pressing keys in some manner I am not.  What is the probability I'm
 > ever going to get this one fixed?

It depends on how important the solution is to you, for freed software.
It depends on how important the solution is to the vendor, for
proprietary software.  You have control over the former.  You have
very little control over the latter.

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