Subject: Re: rocket science
From: Ralph Corderoy <>
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 00:32:48 +0000

Hi Tom,

> One could extend the list all day.  The point being: when people know
> they are doing life critical development, contrasted with situations
> when people arbitrarilly assume they are not doign life critical
> development, they organize (at least in the case of NASA) along
> radically different lines than we see in the FOSS world.

Is that the point?  Seems blatantly obvious.  I've seen _Twelve Angry
Men_ too.  Lock twelve coders in a room with a correct spec. and tell
them a possibly innocent man will die if they code a bug and they'll be
that bit more careful.

> Perhaps, as recognition spreads that most of us in the FSB world are
> involved in life critical development, we'll start moving in the
> direction of the shuttle software program.

Most of us in the FSB world are not involved in `life critical
development' if you define that as being where human life is directly
connected to the correctness of the one program;  there's many other
factors in play.