Subject: Re: Market Research and the Internet
From: "Russell Nelson" <nelson@CRYNWR.COM>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1993 15:48:54 EST

On Wed, 24 Feb 1993 08:21:22 -0800, "John W Noerenberg" <jwn2@QUALCOMM.COM> wrote:

> So I ask your advice.  Am I risking vilification, damnation and general
> mayhem, not to mention censure by the Internet, if I were to send via EMail
> to sites using Eudora and post on UseNet a note outlining our plans, much
> as I have done for you, and asking them about their site, and where they
> are located so that I can appeal directly to them for their dollars?

Well, here's my announcement when I started my business:

Subject:   Crynwr Packet Driver Collection

Crynwr Software has purchased the copyright to the packet driver
collection from Clarkson University.  Clarkson University is now
completely out of the packet driver business.  Consequently, the
collection will now be called the Crynwr Packet Driver Collection.

The copyright permissions will NOT change on the collection.

I have started a business to do professional support for packet
drivers.  Users who purchase support will have input on my todo list.
They will also be assured of continuing improvements to the packet
driver collection.  If they need a particular driver fixed, they'll
get it, if humanly possible.  If you are interested in support,
please contact (until the domain is registered, you
may need to use

Users who do not purchase support can still hope to have their
questions answered on the various computer networks as they do now.
This change does not subtract anything from anyone.

The next packet driver release will be going into beta test some time
this week.  It will have new drivers and bug fixes.  No feature
enhancements at this time, although winpkt will be included.  Winpkt
does what the -w switch wishes it could do -- it passes packets to
the correct virtual machine instead of dropping them as -w does.
Winpkt is a shim that adds Windows Enhanced mode support to a packet
driver.  Its functionality will be added to the skeleton on the
release after this week's.

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