Subject: Re: Journal / Trade Mag?
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 17:06:16 +0900

>>>>> "John" == John McDermott <> writes:

    John> Yesterday I was reading a trade computer magazine.  One of
    John> those free ones many of us get.  It had a review of SSL VPN
    John> gateways.  All were commercial.  No open source products
    John> were mentioned.

Are you sure?  The categories are not mutually exclusive.  Many cheap
Postscript printers are open source in some sense: they are based on
Ghostscript.  There was a thread a while back on a company doing
firewalls, IIRC, which has an expensive commercial product based on an
open source project mostly done by that company (which they expertly
conceal by openly announcing that the commercial product has "Project
X technology inside", causing everybody who doesn't already know about
the project to ignore it as buzzword banditry!)

While I expect there's a lot of truth to the claim that the trade
press is in the pocket of the advertisers, I have to wonder how many
FLOSS projects send press releases to trade rags on every release
(FreshMeat doesn't count), or hang out at trade shows buffing up the
editors of the relevant trade rags to ask for a review of their
product.  But I bet the commercial firms do those things religiously,
and I bet it would help visibility of open source projects immensely
if they treated the existing trade rags with the importance the trade
rags assign to themselves.  ;-)

I also have to second Brian Behlendorf's assessment that the FLOSS
programs aren't products, yet, by and large.

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