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From: Brewster Kahle <brewster@Think.COM>
Subject: WAIS-discussion digest #62: The ball is rolling!

       Forum On Wide Area Information Servers and Electronic Publishing
                              Brewster Kahle

     WAIS Inc (Brewster Kahle)
     macweek article 1/25/93 (KPMG Peat Marwick, Robin Palmer,VCA)
     Security and Non-ASCII data - Reality check (rbntjc@RohmHaas.Com)
     Re: Security and Non-ASCII data - Reality check ("Mark P. McCahill" )
     multi-byte WAIS (Youichi Watanabe)

Three pronged efforts are underway WAIS grow:
  Sig-WAIS by USGS (see below)
  CNIDR (the NC Group doing great Z39.50 work)
  WAIS Inc (see below)

Cool articles in 1/25/93 Macweek, 2/15/93 Forbes, and 2/28/93 NYTimes
business section.

- -brewster

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Date: Sun, 28 Feb 93 22:48:55 PST
From: (Brewster Kahle)
Subject: WAIS Inc

As many of you have probably heard, a group of us have formed a separate
company to help the WAIS movement grow to a new level.  WAIS Inc is one of
many companies that will be participating in this movement.  Its role will
be to spread the use of WAIS.

Thank you all of you in the WAIS movement for helping us come out from
under the nurturing wing of Thinking Machines to stand on our own feet.

This is an exciting time!  The activities of SIG-WAIS of USGS (see below),
the NC center, and WAIS Inc all reflect the dynamic nature of a system that
can expand to serve many users and producers.  The field is only going to
grow, because it gets better as more participate!

Now, I ask you, the people that have made WAIS into the global system that
it is:
         What should WAIS Inc do to help the movement?
Please think about it and write or call.

For me, this is an exciting and big step.  Starting Thinking Machines 10 years
ago began an oddessy that lead to massive parallelism.  This time, the
WAIS system we hope will become the world standard for "network
publishing".  WAIS Inc will play a role, but not dominate, just as we
didn't when we were at Thinking Machines.  WAIS Inc will win when others
win with WAIS.

The camaraderie amoung us all-- the server maintainers and developers has
been the joy of this project.

We are a startup in a Victorian mansion in Menlo Park.  Of the team at
Thinking Machines-- Harry Morris, Barbara Lincoln Brooks, and me (Brewster
Kahle), have been joined by Robin Palmer, John Duhring, and Kevin Oliveau
to make the WAIS Inc team.  Jonny Goldman is working at TMC on WAIS and
another project.

WAIS Inc is already doing many of the things we did before but with more
flexibility and professionalism:
  * We are consulting with those that want to use the tools
  * We are evangelizing the protocol and the system
  * We are working with goverment and publishers to make their data available
  * We are selling an enhanced commercial server
  * We are working with others to make their apps "WAIS enabled"
  * We are trying to keep the electronic publishing industry talking one


We are committed to supporting and leading the international standards
process to make the protocols that make up the WAIS protocol open,
flexible, and useful.

Thank you for making this step possible.  With this new structure: what can
we do to help?

- -brewster

Brewster Kahle                                  WAIS Inc.                               1040 Noel Drive
Wide Area Information Servers                   Menlo Park, CA 94025
415-327-WAIS                                    FAX 415-327-6513

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Date: Sun, 28 Feb 93 16:56:40 PST
Subject: SIG-WAIS

SIG-WAIS is definitely happening!!!  Here is the info on the conference.


SIG-WAIS Announcement

There appears to be a high degree of interest within the community of
Federal agencies in the applications of Wide Area Information Servers
(WAIS) technology for information search and retrieval. With so many
agencies now pursuing WAIS, it might be useful to initiate an
information-sharing process that might be called a "Special Interest
Group on WAIS," SIG-WAIS. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the
Clearinghouse for Network Information Discovery and Retrieval (CNIDR)
have offered to co-sponsor such information-sharing.

On Friday, March 19, USGS and CNIDR are hosting an initial SIG-WAIS
meeting. Although the group is likely to focus on issues most pertinent
to Federal agencies, participation is open to all government, industry,
academia, and others. The meeting will be held in the auditorium of the
USGS in Reston, Virginia, with a tentative agenda as follows:

 8:30 -9:00 Registration and Welcome

 9:00 -  9:20 CNIDR Introduction

 9:20 -  9:40 WAIS History

 9:40 -  9:00 WAIS Overview

10:00 - 10:20 Z39.50 Directions

10:20 - 10:40 Spatial Search and Retrieval

10:40 - 11:00 Organizing a "Special Interest Group"

11:00 -  4:00 Demonstrations (concurrent with lunch and Tutorials)


  1:30 - 2:00 Getting Connected to the Internet

  2:00 - 2:30 Seeing Z39.50 When You Look at WAIS

  2:30 - 3:00 Authentication Issues

  3:00 - 3:30 Supply-side WAIS

  3:30 - 4:00 SQL and WAIS

Among the demonstrations will likely be demos of: MS-DOS Windows clients
for WAIS, including the new SLIP (Serial Link Internet Protocol)
communications software and innovations by MCC and EPRI; the Spatial
Data Locator feature of WAIS, in MS-DOS Windows and Unix X-Windows
client implementations; Protein Data Bank and NASA applications of WAIS;
and, Apple Macintosh WAIS clients, including Hypercard implementations.
Participants are welcome to offer suggestions for additional
demonstrations and tutorials.

If you are interested in participating in SIG-WAIS, please send a
message indicating:

    If you will be attending the initial meeting on March 19,
       and if so, whether attending the morning, afternoon, or both.
    If not attending the March 19 meeting, your name and mailing
       address to be entered on a SIG-WAIS mailing list.
    If you would like to do a presentation or demonstration at this
       or future meetings of SIG-WAIS.

Messages may be sent to Eliot Christian (USGS) via e-mail to, voice telephone (703) 648-7425, or FAX (703) 648-7069

Travel information:

The USGS National Center is located in Reston, Virginia about 18 miles
west of Washington, D.C. and 7 miles east of Dulles International

Hotels near USGS

        Comfort Inn (703) 437-7555
        Rate/night is $59 government, $67 otherwise
        (breakfast is included)

        Marriott Courtyard (703) 478-9400
        Rate/night is $89 (breakfast included for government)

        Sheraton (703) 620-9000
        Rate/night is $79 government, $87 otherwise

        Residence Inn (703) 437-7555
        Rate/night is $100 government, $110 otherwise
        (suite includes kitchen)

        Hyatt Town Center (703) 709-1234
        Rate/night is $102 government, $147 otherwise


From Dulles Airport--take Dulles Access Road to Fairfax County Parkway
exit. Turn right on Fairfax County Parkway to first light. Turn left on
Sunrise Valley Drive and go about 1/4 mile. U.S. Geological Survey
entrance is on right.

From Washington--take 66 West or 495 beltway to the Dulles toll road. Go
West beyond beltway about 6 miles to Reston Parkway exit. Turn left on
Reston Parkway to first light. Turn right on Sunrise Valley Drive and go
about 1/4 mile. U.S. Geological Survey entrance is on left.

From South or West of Reston--take 66 East to the Fairfax County
Parkway. Go North about 5 miles. Turn right on Sunrise Valley Drive and
go about 1/4 mile. U.S. Geological Survey entrance is on right.


Follow signs to Visitor's parking lot and obtain pass at guard shack.
Walk straight ahead into building and you should be at the USGS

WAIS Training for Information Providers

On Thursday, March 18, CNIDR is offering a training class on how to use
the public domain WAIS software to publish information on the Internet.
The class will be held from 10:00 to 3:00 in the auditorium at the USGS
in Reston, Virginia.

Jim Fullton of CNIDR will present indexing concepts and a tour of the
software components and their interactions. He will walk through
examples of using the indexer to build a variety of sources, covering
ways to organize different kinds of information. Jim will also describe
how the spatial index feature works, how to customize the server for
access to databases other than those created by the indexer, and how to
start the server as a daemon, among other topics.

The following have registered as of 2/25/93:

Enrique Abola
Protein Data Bank, Brookhaven National Lab
Upton, NY

Chris Beimeister (sp?)
American Astronomical Society

Eric Blossom
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Palo Alto, CA

Chris Brunn

Sherri Calvo
NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center

Wo Chang

Eliot Christian
U.S. Geological Survey

Roz Cohen
Washington, DC

Heather Deltrio
American Astronomical Society

Tommy Dewald
Washington, DC

Louis Drummond
Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress
Washington, DC

Ann Farney
Planetary Data System
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Marc Fleischman
Lockheed Missles & Space Company, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA

Jim Fullton
Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval

Tim Gauslin
U.S. Geological Survey

Stewart Gott
Data General Corp.
Research Triangle Park, NC

Cary Griffin
Cypress Consulting

John Hardin
Austin, TX

Dana Henschel

Brewster Kahle
WAIS, Inc.

Jacques Kapuscinski

Jeremy Kargon

Ed Kermond (sp?)
Veterans Administration

Cliff Kottman
Intergraph Corp
Reston, VA

Linda Kuntz
lch Medical Library
Johns Hopkins University

Peter Topoly
Suitland, MD

Bill Trefzger
Defense Technical Information Center
Alexandria, VA

Archie Warnock
Goddard Space Flight Center


Bob Weinberg
Lockheed Sanders

Bob Worrest

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Date: 28 Jan 93 19:16 GMT
From: PALMER.R@AppleLink.Apple.COM (KPMG Peat Marwick, Robin Palmer,VCA)
Subject: macweek article 1/25/92

There was a great full page article about information retrieval through the
Internet in this weeks MacWeek on page 22.  WAIS featured prominently in the
article as having special significance to the Mac Community due to the maturity
of the Mac interface.
"With a WAIS Mac interface already available, users can begin data-surfing WAIS
servers today."
Robin Palmer
KPMG Peat Marwick

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From: rbntjc@RohmHaas.Com
Subject: Security and Non-ASCII data - Reality check
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1993 15:42:11 -0500 (EST)

We've been able to learn quite alot about WAIS, Gopher, and WWW over
the past 8 months or so, and most server and client software works pretty

This "Phase 1" type of work has convinced me that these tools can provide
great benefit for my company.

Unfortunately, the "real world" has intruded on my thinking.  Here are a few
questions that are probably frequently asked, but not clearly answered:

1). WAIS: Has anyone used WAIS to serve up data that is multi-media?
    I mean RTF, spreadsheet, etc., etc. In WAIS, does one index an ASCII copy
    of the data, and keep copies of the RTF, etc. around?  Isn't this messy?
    Are the Thinking Machines folks working on some way to index this type of
    data?  Does Z39.50-1992 save the day?

2). Gopher / WAIS:  Does the Gopher+ protocol allow for authentication of some
    type?  Will Gopher servers eventually allow for access of some data by
    some entities, and lock-out for others?  I realize this type of thing is
    counter to the underlying structure/purpose of Gopher, but it is a *real*

When I show colleagues these wonderful Internet Discovery Tools, they are 
awed.  Then they ask me "but can I index my Word documents or Excel Spreadsheets?
Or, they ask "can you set up Gopher so that my group can read sensitive data,
but all others cannot?"  

Granted, these are thorny issues.  But they are critical.  I mean, I don't want
to buy Lotus Notes (or do I)?!

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Date: Sat, 30 Jan 93 10:41:43 CST
From: "Mark P. McCahill"  <>
Subject: Re: Security and Non-ASCII data - Reality check

In message <>  writes:
> 2). Gopher / WAIS:  Does the Gopher+ protocol allow for authentication of 
>     some type?  

Yes, this can be easily fitting into the Gopher+ framework. I am sure about 
this because we have it working in-house right now. 

>     Will Gopher servers eventually allow for access of some data by
>     some entities, and lock-out for others?  

Yup. Once you can authenticate you can easily restrict access. Actually, there 
has been a crude form of access restriction in gopher for a long time. Plain 
old gopher servers can be configured only allow access to information for 
specifif IP addresses or network... which lts you enforce access limits. But 
the user authentication in Gopher+ is a better tool for fine-grained control.

>     I realize this type of thing is
>     counter to the underlying structure/purpose of Gopher, but it is a *real*
>     issue.

Some information is going to made available be free, and some information will 
only go online with restricted access (and fees for use). We plan to accomodate 
both types from gopher.

> When I show colleagues these wonderful Internet Discovery Tools, they are 
> awed.  Then they ask me "but can I index my Word documents or Excel 
> Spreadsheets?
> Or, they ask "can you set up Gopher so that my group can read sensitive data,
> but all others cannot?"  

That can be done today by restricting access based on IP address. We do that to 
with the UPI news we site licensed for the University of Minnesota... you have 
to be on our net to get at the info.

 Mark P. McCahill                                       Gopherspace Engineer
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From: Youichi Watanabe <>
Subject: multi-byte WAIS
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 93 14:48:36 +0900


I am looking for WAIS which supports several languages (multi-byte).
Please already remodeled to the WAIS multi-byte correspondence or
report having information concerning multi-byte WAIS.

Thank you.
- ---
Youichi Watanabe. FUJITSU LIMITED., Yokohama, Japan.
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