Subject: Re: Investor
From: "Sergio Montoro Ten" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 06:14:47 +0200

1st) Don't think that just because you built a better mice trap people will
come and buy it.
Marketing matters.

2nd) Investors hate risk.
Successfull entrepreneurs are not brilliant inventors but risk reducers.

3rd) Investors want you to have a solid team.
This includes good commercial and political contacts.
Lonely riders are not a safe bet.

4th) Investors like (big) markets that they can conquer.
Show that you can conquer a big market and prevent competition from entering
it in the future.

5th) The best funding comes from customers.
If you really have a good idea, you probably don't seed capital that much
but just focusing on sales.

Good luck.
Sergio Montoro.

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> Why  is it so hard to find people that will help young adults that
> wanna make a successful business. I am 20 year old adult that has came
> up with the technology to drive down the road on the internet. I also
> have brought into the area Wireless Internet, that is 45 times faster
> then what DSL is, and 10 times faster then cable. Our speeds are
> 45Mbps. For only $35.00 a month for residental, with a 2 year contract,
>   but i don't know where to start to get the money to start it up. Once
> it is started i have like 400 people signed up, for it.
> Thanks,
> Aj Towne CEO
> Aj's Computer Systems
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> 1-877-266-8471