Subject: Re: Charging the Charger [was: GPL v3 public performance idea?]
From: Joe Corneli <>
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 17:45:34 -0500

   The new developer is not 'license' limited in ability to charge, rather 
   he/she is 'economically' limited by the availability of a perfect substitute.

That is why free software _business_ models focus on things like doing
work on commission.  One can also (theoretically) survive using a free
software _begging_ model (for lack of a nicer term) in which one lives
off of tips/donations.

This model would seem to stand an especially good chance of working
when enough people recognize the code-producer in question as a
valuable resource, and decide to do what they can to keep this hacker
alive and productive.  Currently, I'm on the receiving end of this
relationship - or, more precisely, would very much like to be.  

I'm not opposed to doing works on commission either, but so far
haven't had much action in either dimension.  My skills are really
just at the point where I can begin to code with fluency, so the lack
of income to date isn't at all surprising.  I'll have to report back
to you at the end of the month & let you know whether I was able to
pay my rent.