Subject: Re: Charging the Charger
From: Taran Rampersad <>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 23:44:35 -0500

David N. Welton wrote:

>Taran Rampersad <> writes:
>>That's an arguable description of freedom, since the freedom you
>>describe is for a redistributor to lock code away - which is a
>>violation of the GPL, and if Stallman signed onto that, I'd love to
>>know it.  That's the problem with the old BSD license, if you
>>recall... and why it's not considered a Free License.
>The problem with that license was the so called "advertising clause".
>You are still quite free to take BSD code and make proprietary
>derivatives from it.
True. But in the days of less flexibility from the FSF, there was also
the issue that it *could* be put into a proprietary derivative. I won't
pretend to understand that or DotGNU, for that matter.

So instead of getting into that messy discussion, here's a question: Why
not just use a BSD license and release the source code whenever you want
to? Maybe GPL simply sounds better. I don't know. But it seems a whole
lot less messy to do this hypothetical scenario if you start with the
BSD license.

And you wouldn't even have to modify the BSD license! So cool.

Taran Rampersad
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