Subject: Re: (c) permission on multi-authored works [was: Charging the Charger]
From: Joe Corneli <>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 13:19:52 -0500

   You and I can work together to write a package from scratch, and then 
   release it under the GPL.  Depending on whatever else we agree, we can 
   also license it under other terms (what you call a "clean copyright").  

Acknowledged.  If all the copyright holders agree, then re-licensing
is legal.  (Persons who share the copyright, e.g., the FSF in the case
of GPL code are probably entirely external to such an arrangement?)

The issue I was concerned about was the case in which not all
copyright holders agree about relicensing.  (Perhaps this concern is
irrelevant to the secrecy-options license that was under discussion.)