Subject: Re: Standing on multi-authored works
From: DV Henkel-Wallace <>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 09:35:30 -0700

On 19 Apr 2005, at 09:27, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
> However, if Bar is taken to be a derivative work of foo() then Bar is a
> work "based on the Works"......

Life isn't that complicated, believe me.  Remember (most programmers 
forget this): the law is not a predicate calculus system and you can't 
prove theorems in it.

> Lastly, given the assignment, once signed, is in effect the instant I
> create a copyrightable work, if I put other bits of Bar into my own
> private copy of ping it's covered by the assignment, there's no act of
> contribution, e.g. email a patch, required.  So I have to have a very
> good memory and not put anything into ping without careful
> consideration.  In fact, the easiest solution is to give up 
> contributing
> anything in case I make a slip up.  :-(
> Could a `one off' assignment form be done, and could the 
> paper-shuffling
> overhead to the FSF this would cause be lessened by some kind of
> automatic patch-signing process?

This is exactly what the blanket assignment is for.  It assigns all 
released changes to works owned by the FSF to the FSF.

When signed by the company is naturally covers all changes by employees 
of the company (in California IFF those changes relate to the company's 
business or if the changes were made using any of the company's 
equipment) or work done by a contractor or subcontractor when it's a 
work for hire -- i.e. when the company pays for and gains ownership.

Even more straightforward than it takes to write up!