Subject: Re: Bounty for Bugs in Open Source Projects?
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 13:30:02 +0900

>>>>> "David" == David Ascher <> writes:

    David> Was that sarcastic?

No, merely an exaggeration.

    David> I've never heard of the PBA, and neither has Google.  There
    David> is the Python Business Forum, which I know not much about,
    David> but it appears fairly moribund.  It doesn't have muscle
    David> that I can recognize, however.

OK, it was a while back (yikes! at least two years ... I must be
getting OLD), although most of the people who were involved that I
remember were Europeans.

Let's summarize what I observe that's current.  The PSF is pretty much
invisible on python-dev, except when people talk about legal stuff and
conferences.  I think the PSF does show up indirectly, in that people
don't worry much about legal issues etc. except when something
"interesting" happens (eg, the discussion about whether some
IBM-patented software could now be used in Python)---people trust the
PSF to have it taken care of.  (I don't think I've _ever_ seen a post
from GvR about legal matters.)  I did see mention of an intern that
was funded by the PSF, but this is all very small compared to the huge
amount of development, administrative, and marketing activity
contributed by people who are either owners or employees of Python-
based businesses.

    David> I agree w/ Brian, fwiw.  I just wanted to correct some
    David> misstatements.

Thank you.  :-)  I've been wasting far too much time on checking
irrelevant facts in my day job, and got lazy when it actually

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