Subject: Re: Standing on multi-authored works
From: Ben Tilly <>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 11:55:22 -0700

 Wed, 20 Apr 2005 11:55:22 -0700
On 4/20/05, cody koeninger <> wrote:
> So why does the FSF require assignments?  Are they
> concerned about the situation where the only evidence
> of infringement concerns a contribution, rather than
> the whole?

I believe that they have many reasons.  One important one
is that it can be very easy for a well-meaning author to not
understand that what they wrote is a work for hire and is
copyrighted by their employer.  (This can be true even if
what you wrote had nothing to do with your job, and was
written at home in your own time on your own computer.)

The FSF is very careful when they get assignments to
also make sure that the employer agrees.  If they had a
less formal process it would be very easy for them to wind
up with an accidental copyright infringement.