Subject: Computer Survey on perceived advantages of Open Source
From: Laurent GUERBY <>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 21:46:07 +0200

We all know that 84.56% of statistics are made up but:

Key Advantage of Open Source is Not Cost Savings
Reduced dependence on software vendors appears more important than low
Frank Scavo

Computer Economics recently conducted a survey of visitors to its
website regarding the perceived advantages in the use of open source
software. Although not a scientific sample, the results are nevertheless

Before we discuss at the topmost advantage of open source, let˙s look at
what respondents are not saying.

Even though advocates of open source products such as Linux tout its
security, only 3% of repondants ranked ´higher level of securityˇ as the
key advantage of open source in general.  In addition, although open
source software is by definition open to user modification, only 17% of
respondents ranked ´easier to customizeˇ as the key advantage. 

Furthermore, only 14% of respondents thought that open source had no
significant advantages over proprietary software. 

Free is not free
So, what is the top advantage of open source?  The leading vote-getter
was ´reduced dependence on software vendorsˇ at 44%, followed by ´lower
total cost of ownershipˇ at 22%.  Although these were the top two
vote-getters, it is enlightening that respondents valued reduced
dependence on software vendors by a two-to-one margin over lower cost. 

If I do the math that's 44+17=61% of respondants that do appreciate
more competition (either between vendor or in-house) in the area of
software support quality.