Subject: Re: FSB: How to Raise money for Free Software...?
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 28 Dec 1997 18:52:25 -0000

Braddock Gaskill writes:
 > A business model I'd like to explore and discuss is as follows:
 > A company (could =individual) develops a piece of software full-time
 > drawing some minimal stippend, with the assistance of volunteers (if they
 > want).  The contract with the volunteers would state that:

It's an interesting idea.  You'd have to have an umbrella
organization, because you'd have great trouble creating and breaking
down a company to market this software for such a short period of
time.  I'm not sure that you'd get the volunteers you need -- why
should they be unpaid and the primary developer paid?  Yes, they get
the source code early, but the software is still proprietary and they
can't be allowed to distribute it.  Other than that, you have all the
characteristics of proprietary software except for the promise that it
will eventually be freely copyable.  That doesn't seem to bring enough
of the advantages of freed software to bear, and it's certainly a
disadvantage to the investor, who faces the same cost and risk as
proprietary software, and much less potential gain.

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