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Ruth Jones Ryan

  Turn of the century America, a small but thriving village, Malone, N.Y., nestled in the foothills of the Adirondacks. An ever patriotic, bustling community gaining prominence with its industry and agriculture, preserved for history in illustrations and descriptions in the art and recollections of its 3rd generation citizen, Ruth Jones Ryan.


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4 5/8" x 6 1/4" Gift Card


"New York State Institute for the Deaf" Malone, NY

Order# SC-435

   Undoubtedly the most beautiful & important buildings erected by N.Y. State in our No. Country were built to replace the original structure used for educating the deaf and mute which was destroyed by fire in 1911. The first had been built with great effort by the townspeople (numbering, among others, VP Wheeler and great grandfather Dr. Calvin Skinner) for the education and rehabilitation of the state's many who suffered from lack of hearing and power to communicate.

   The magnitude of reclaiming the facilities as a much needed cultural center of learning is boundless. Because of N.Y. State's original involvement in building these structures, their architecture so representative of the Past in minute detail for the cause so exemplary in education, it does appear to have a vested interest in its fate.


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“1942 Sketch of Main St.” Malone, NY

Order# SC-324

     This view of Main St. in the summer of 1942 was sketched in pen & ink as I manned the Chamber of Commerce information booth located on the brick pavement as Elm joined Main St by the Flanagan Hotel in Malone, N.Y.
      As of August 17th, 1999, the original pen & ink was re-painted, with two years’ experience enhancing our memory of “the way it was” in 1942.

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The Heart of Malone, NY
Order# SC-216

  Original photograph taken by great-uncle Christy R. Fay, a civil war artist/photographer during the later part of the 19th century, shows this charming village green centering the town of Malone.

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Veteran's Memorial Park

Order #SC-2000

  To celebrate the “Turn of the Century”, Malone points with pride to its beautiful Memorial Park, recreated to its former charm after desecration endured over a decade in which modernization had taken over.  We are grateful to acknowledge not only the return of our lovely park, but for
the renewed spirit of pride and cooperation so evident in our little village of Malone, N.Y., USA.


springtimeinthepark.JPG (41330 bytes)


Spring-time in the Park
Order# TRV-316

  A spring day in Malone's historical Arsenal Green, as a small boy heads toward Main St., the lacey old elms and majestic tower of the Congregational Church creating a delightful setting, in 1938.


stjosephschurch.JPG (44576 bytes)


St. Joseph's Church, Malone, NY
Order# TRV-409

  Condensed History of St. Joseph's Church, the 1st Catholic church erected in Malone.



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View From Main St. Bridge, early 1900's, Malone, NY
Order# SC-410

  View from Main St. bridge showing the busy mills that lined the Salmon River back in the late 19th/early 20th century, creating prosperity that made Malone, N.Y. the county seat of Franklin Co., N.Y. State. This charming overlook of a bustling village shows the Horton Mill, on the left of the river as it wound though the Village of Malone, N.Y., with the tannery on the right. According to old records, salmon abounded in the busy stream.


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Fourth of July Celebration
Early 1900's, Malone, NY
Order# SC-411

  A perfect parade setting for July 4th was the Main St. of Malone
, N.Y., its wide expanse planned by the surveyors of Richard Harison, first landowner, in 1803.


sceneofmainstssouthside.JPG (37373 bytes)


Scene of Main St.'s South Side
early 1900's, Malone, NY
Order# SC-412

  This view of the busy Main St. of Malone, N.Y., in the early 1900's, was evidently photographed from the golden tower of the old Howard House, Malone's business center.



thehotelflanagan.JPG (38500 bytes)



The Flanagan Hotel
Malone's centerpiece shared with Memorial Green
Order# SC-413

  The elegant old Flanagan Hotel, in it's day host to famous visitors (Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, etc), stands proudly in Malone's center shared with Memorial Green.


bridgeatarsenalgreen.JPG (54145 bytes)


Bridge at Arsenal Green, Malone, N.Y.
Order# SC-414

  The foot bridge spanning Rutland railroad track as the passed though Arsenal Green in Malone, N.Y. has long been gone but remains in warm memories of the past as on of time's lost treasures.

trainpassage.JPG (55568 bytes)

Train Passage, Rutland Railroad Station
Malone, NY
Order# SC-416

  Adjacent of the railroad connecting Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain in 1850 undoubtedly spurred the growth and progress of Malone, N.Y., opening the market for potash and other industries of the locality, as well as providing transportation in case of war with Britain. And so, what later became the Rutland Railroad Co. spared no expense in creating its handsome station centered in the village as it passed through its boundaries, connecting many little villages, benefited by transportation.


nycentral.JPG (29748 bytes)


New York Central, Elm St. Railroad Station
Malone, NY
Order# SC-417

400 years after Columbus discovered America, Oct. 12 of 1892, found the last spike driven to complete what was scoffingly called "Webb's Fairy Tale Road". Twelve days later the first Malone-to-New York train was run over the line....




andthebandplayedon.JPG (43818 bytes)



"and the band played on",
Memorial Park Band Concert, early 1900's, Malone, NY
Order# SC-418

  Early view of patriotic celebration showing "Memorial Green" with back ground of Main St. in gala decoration. "Memorial Green", so named when the Civil War Monument was dedicated soon after the war, is a triangle of land dividing Main St. from Elm. Originally surrounded by and iron fence which enclosed green grass and trees, it also included an attractive fountain and a black-spotted iron dog, with a drinking fountain outside to accommodate the thirsts of humans as well as horses.



franklincountyfair.JPG (40779 bytes)



Franklin County Fair
early 1800's, Malone, NY
Order# SC-419

  Malone's Franklin County Fair in the early 1800's, second only to the Syracuse New York State Fair. The Fair's Agricultural and Horticultural Society was originally chartered on July 30th, 1836. Twenty years later, August 30th, 1856, the seal was officially placed and the document signed by citizens of the County. Featuring a superior race track, its sulky racing was famous, as were its exhibitions, attracting crowds from every part o
f the country.



rrpassengertrain.jpg (40230 bytes)



Rutland Railroad Passenger Train
Malone, NY
Order# SC-421

  For many years the Rutland RR Company, connecting Ogdensburgh and Lake Champlain, crossed the highway in Malone, N.Y. between Elm St. and Memorial Green. This line brought hundreds of visitors each September to the popular yearly event, the Franklin County Fair. Shown here is a typical scene of the railroad station after arrival of crowd eager to attend the famous event.




thehowardblock.JPG (28494 bytes)



The Howard Block
Malone, NY
Order# SC-424

  The Howard House was located at the junction of Main and Elm St.'s in Malone, N.Y., replacing the Ferguson House leveled by fire in 1888. As the nearby Flanagan gradually replaced it as a hotel in 1914, its central location, ideal as a business block, at one time housing the local post office, retail stores filling the street floors with professional offices occupying its second story. For many years, the corner property was known as "George Clark's Grocery", where not only the highest quality of produce was dispensed, but the charm and wit of its owner made it a long-remembered gathering place. "Georgie Clark's" corner is a long time, greatly missed, tradition of Malone.

thehydeblock.JPG (39292 bytes)

The Hyde Block
early 1900's, Malone, NY
Order# SC-425

  This attractive building, in the heart of Malone's busy thoroughfare of the early 1900's, occupying the corner of Main and Pearl St.'s, replaced the old Olympia Hotel after is destruction by fire in 1899. The Hyde Drug Co., occupying this prominent corner store for many years, shared the block with the F.W. Lawrence Co., prosperous dry goods and grocery store, along with Cooley's, specializing in meats and fish. Hyde's had, for many years, been a tradition, with a busy soda fountain as well as reliable pharmacy. Nostalgic Malone people still cherish memories of it's ice cream sodas, dispensed over the marble ice cream counter, and delectable fancy sundaes.



viewfromflanaganveranda.JPG (58029 bytes)



View from Flanagan Veranda
Hotel Flanagan, early 1920's, Malone, NY
Order# SC-426

  From the veranda of the famous old Flanagan Hotel, (constructed in 1913-1914), a scene of the Heart of Malone, N.Y.'s Main St. Pictured is the old Howard Hotel, whose "golden" dome crested with an eagle spreading wings aloft as though to protect the Civil War soldier monument in the little Memorial Park below.


theoldrutlandstation.JPG (38873 bytes)


The Old "Rutland" Station
1948, Elm St., Malone, NY
Order# SC-427

  The old Rutland Station, with the steam engine about to pass over Elm St. in Malone, N.Y., its tracks connecting Rutland VT. with Ogdensburg on the St. Lawrence River. Constructed in 1845, after years of delay in planning, supplying needed transportation, this shows one of its last days of operation which ended a picturesque era in Malone.


pearlstbridge.JPG (32819 bytes)


Pearl St. Bridge
Malone, NY, early 1900's
Order# SC-428

  Pearl St. Bridge, spanning the Salmon River in Malone, N.Y. This shows the vast numbers of mills that thrived in Malone, contributing to its prosperity as the county seat of Franklin County - "Star of the North Country". This scenic view of the Salmon River as it wound its way though the little town of Malone providing power for the multitude of mills, shows the bridge that spans it on Pearl St.

agrandoccasion.jpg (63691 bytes)
A Grand Occasion
Order# SC-432

   Who knows what grand occasion brought this crowd to gather at the Pearl St. bridge spanning the Salmon River in Malone, N.Y.? Since quite visible is the group of elderly GAR (Grand Army of the Republic), it would doubtless have taken place sometime between 1870 - 1900.


eastmainstmaloneny.JPG (24631 bytes)


East Main St.
Malone, NY, early 1940's
Order# SC-430

  View of Malone looking east on Main St., taken in the 1940's on a winter day. The meters controlling parking are evident, with no gaps in the beautiful old blocks to show disastrous fires.

westmainst.JPG (35763 bytes)
West Main St.
Malone, NY, early 1940's
Order# SC-431

  Looking west on Main St., N.Y., this is at the intersection with Harison Place, so named for Malone's first land owner, Richard Harison, who pioneered in the wilderness of northern , N.Y. State in 1802. At this corner a well remembered gathering place is shown, Charlie's Diner, dispensing good food and local gossip.
ballardmill.jpg (42123 bytes)

Ballard Mill
Order# SC-434

  The Ballard Mill located on Pine Street along side the Salmon River in Malone, for many years gave employment to area residents. With its logo “all wool and a yard wide”, it exemplified quality, became a mainstay with distribution nationwide for sports and utility outdoor clothing, and was a major industry in town. Civic minded and philanthropic, Captain Ballard was an “institution” in Malone, part of its forward-thinking attitude that created the prosperity prevailing at the time.

allwoolandayardwide.jpg (48262 bytes)  

"All wool and a Yard Wide"
Malone, NY
Order# SC-436

   A scene of tranquility, as sheep grazed on the green lawns of Ballard Mill, built in 1901, Malone, N.Y. Well remembered was Capt. J O Ballard’s pride in emphasizing the mills product, its logo being "All Wool and a Yard Wide", and thus his delight in the visible picture of grazing sheep.

   Those loyal employees, proud of their superior product, as was Mr. Ballard, would be happy to know that their workplace on the Salmon river has recently been converted into a center of education the Malone branch of the North Country Community College.




snowgeese.jpg (38382 bytes)



Snow Geese
Order# ADK-442

  The great migration of the Canadian snow geese is an annual, amazing spectacle to northern New Yorkers, as they descend on their favorite pond near recently harvested crops of corn. In huge flocks they come, as though orchestrated by an unseen hand, close together, in unison riding the winds in a white sheet against the sky. Reaching their goal, as one they descend, intent on their annual haven en route to a gentler clime. As we gaze in wonder, we are hoping for each beautiful bird, a safe return, and that we may be among those to welcome them.